16 December 2009

TEFL Resources brochure

A brochure and bookmark highlights ministry opportunities with TEFL Resources. Learn more about TEFL Resources here. (TEFL = Teaching English as a Foreign Language)

15 December 2009

Eurasia brochure

Brochure highlighting the needs and exciting ministry opportunities with GEM in the Eurasia region (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Russia, and Ukraine). For more information, email: impacteurasia@gemission.com

02 December 2009

TREK video

This 60-second video invites people in their 20's to join TREK: seven adventure-filled weeks serving God in three different countries in Europe with Greater Europe Mission next summer (2010). Click HERE to see the video and learn more about TREK.

01 December 2009

Explore brochures

We designed four brochures for Urbana '09 for GEM's Explore internship program. The brochures highlight internship opportunities in Germany, Portugal, Czech Republic and Romania in 2010. To learn more about Explore, click HERE.

23 November 2009

Friends Video

This 60-second video emphasizes the opportunities we have to reach out to the Muslims who are immigrating to Europe. Click HERE to see the full version of the Friends Video.

16 November 2009

How2Video: "Get Your Story Straight"

The second How2Video, "Get Your Story Straight," offers practical advice on writing a script for your video. To view the video, click HERE.

How2Video: "Introduction"

The How2Video series was developed to train missionaries in how to effectively share their vision with their support base using a video that they make themselves. The "Introduction" video addresses ways to set up a video shoot.

To learn more, and to see the video, click HERE.

16 October 2009

Support Tools

Our graphic design team has created a line of support raising tools for GEM's missionaries to use to communicate well with their financial and prayer supporters.

There are five different designs, and for each design a missionary can choose any (or all) of the following materials:
  • Brochure (8.5 x 11, tri-panel)
  • Prayer Card (4 x 6, one side)
  • Bookmark (7 x 2, 2-sided)
  • Slide Background
  • Blog Banner
Below are the brochure, prayer card and bookmark in each of the five themes in more detail.

"Youth" support tools theme

Click on these pictures to make them larger.

"Service" support tools theme

Click on these pictures to make them larger.

"Immigrant" support tools theme

Click on these pictures to make them larger.

"Euro Culture" support tools theme

Click on these pictures to make them larger.

"Corporate" support tools theme

Click on these pictures to make them larger.

17 September 2009

The New Faces of Europe

This is a prayer guide about Europe’s immigrants and refugees. It is available in both English and German.

13 August 2009

Bulgaria Video

We just finished up a video project that highlights what God is doing in Bulgaria. It is so exciting to have the opportunity to travel to different parts of the world to capture stories of the way God is working! Click HERE to see the 3-minute version of the Bulgaria video. Click HERE to see the 6-minute version.

07 July 2009

Setting up our Offices

After all the construction work, it is finally time to settle into our offices and get to the fun stuff: decorating!

Our GemStone Media part of the Barn is almost completely put together. Take a look at a few pictures below and let us know what you think!

19 June 2009

Annual Planning

We just finished up a series of meetings to plan for the coming year. It is so exciting to sit down and think about where God has been leading us and to dream about where He will take us in the coming year!

28 May 2009

eDOT Website

A new and updated design for GEM’s eDOT ministry. eDOT stands for "Electronic Discipleship and Outreach Training".

Check it out at www.gemedot.com.

21 April 2009

Our GemStone Media Team

After a long season of moving abroad, settling in, and learning language, our GemStone Media team is finally gathered and working together in our offices. It is exciting to be together and to begin creating art together.

We look forward to posting on this blog about various projects we are and will be working on.

Stay tuned - there's lots going on around here!

And, if you haven't seen it already, check out our spiffy new website: www.gemstone-media.com.

12 March 2009

MemberCare Brochure

Our team of graphic designers created this brochure to assist the MemberCare department of Greater Europe Mission in promoting their ministry within the GEM community. A newly designed website is also in the works!

26 February 2009

TEFL Training DVD

Videos, a PowerPoint® presentation, and print materials all in one DVD to train missionaries in using English instruction as a ministry outreach.

Click HERE to learn more about TEFL with Greater Europe Mission. Click HERE to watch the promotional video.

06 January 2009

Eurasia Video

This 4-minute video highlights ministry possibilities in the Eurasia region. GEM is seeking to come alongside local pastors and ministries in Eurasia who are asking for help in reaching the lost. Click HERE to watch the video.