25 July 2011

Thankful for our friend!

We have enjoyed the opportunity to spend time with our good friend, Krister, this summer. His assistance with multiple video shoots/trips, the required set-up and planning for those, as well as putting in some long hours on building construction has really encouraged and blessed the team! Thank you, Krister, for the huge amount of time, effort, and investment you've given to join us in our work this summer. May God bless your faithfulness to Him!

18 July 2011

Joining the fun in London 2012, part II

 Henry's interview at Victoria Station in London
Jon Burns from the "More Than Gold" ministry
Andy Flannagan's interview near Big Ben in London
Peter Farmer from the Simple Church
We also created four short interview videos to highlight the coming London Olympics in the summer of 2012 to supplement the longer promotional video mentioned in "Joining the fun in London, part I." View them by clicking the links above.

15 July 2011

Joining the fun in London 2012, part I

Two of our video guys, Krister and Jim, were asked to come to London to shoot several interviews for making a GEM promotional video for the Olympics in 2012. GEM is making plans to have a dozen or more teams participate in ministry initiatives in London during that time. Our prayer is that this unique ministry opportunity would bring people of all nationalities to discover and be changed by our Lord Jesus Christ!

08 July 2011

What would it look like?

Our video production team has been having fun creating a video for GEM using After Effects and Sure Target 2 graphics and editing programs. “What Would It Look Like?” is designed to help people recognize Europe as an important mission field and consider if God may be calling them to get involved in reaching the spiritually lost here. Could God be calling you?

04 July 2011

Updated support tools available for GEM missionaries

We've updated our support tools with the new GEM logo. For each design you can choose any (or all) of the following materials:
  • Brochure (8.5 x 11, tri-panel)
  • Prayer Card (4 x 6, one side)
  • Bookmark (7 x 2, 2-sided)
  • Slide Background
  • Blog Banner
  • Email Banner
There are currently four designs ("Corporate," "Euro," "Immi1," "Service") available right now, with more coming soon.









Please contact us if you are interested personalizing a set of tools for your GEM ministry.