27 April 2011

Meet Tom!

GemStone Media has a high value for professionalism and we make it a priority each year to enhance our media skills with further training. One of the areas we decided to work on this year was increasing our ability to write compelling, short stories for video. We asked a friend of our team, Tom Khazoyan, to lead a week-long workshop on story-writing for video. Tom is from Denver, Colorado, and has had 25 years of film and video experience. He recently produced and edited a full-length feature film called "The Enemy God," which has earned several notable film awards.

The intensive story-writing training with Tom has really paid off, sparking the beginnings of a new video project which we hope can be used in a future Alpha Course setting introducing the topic of forgiveness and reconciliation. We hope to begin shooting this summer!

Thank you, Tom, for your availability and willingness to donate your time to better equip our team!!

13 April 2011

"On Any Given Day"

"On Any Given Day" is a short video that was created to help believers in Christ think about the reality of the world around them, and specifically the challenge to reach the lost in Europe. So often we get caught up with life and we forget to be concerned about what really matters: people are living and dying each day without Jesus Christ. Christ came to save the lost. He came that man could be connected again to God both now and in eternity. The Bible says that the Gospel of Christ is “Good News.” If we really believe this, then we need to be telling people.

08 April 2011

How2Video: "Get it Out There"

"Get it Out There" is the seventh in the How2Video series found on how2video.org, and discusses the best ways to edit and distribute your video.

07 April 2011

How2Video: "Shooting 101"

"Shooting 101" is the sixth in the How2Video series found on how2video.org, and offers great ideas for recording your story to video.

06 April 2011

How2Video: "Jazz Up Your Shots"

"Jazz Up Your Shots" is the fifth in the How2Video series found on how2video.org, and shares ways to work with lighting, as well as how to use framing and composition when making a video.

05 April 2011

How2Video: "Clearing Things Up"

"Clearing Things Up" is fourth in the How2Video series found on how2video.org, and discusses ways to get great audio when creating a video.

01 April 2011

Launching the How2Video series

The How2Video website and last four videos are ready for viewing! Check it out by going to how2video.org. As a reminder, the first three How2Videos are:
The final four videos of the series are:
The How2Video website contains plenty of useful tips and information for creating a great ministry video. There are helpful forums and a place where you can link your own video to share, as well as see what others have done with their videos.

Our prayer is that the How2Video website and series will enable and encourage missionaries around the world to use video story-telling to share what God is doing in their specific areas, which we hope will compel the Church to become more involved in the Great Commission.