29 April 2010

Meet Krister!

Krister is a professional video producer from Spokane, Washington, who has helped GemStone Media's video team on several occasions with various projects over the last couple of years. Recently, he flew over to join us in shooting four How2Video segments. We were particularly thankful to have his expertise available for the technical aspects of lighting and audio!

Krister's hope and prayer is to eventually move to Germany and join our team full-time. We are excited about this possibility and look forward to seeing how God will accomplish it!

26 April 2010

GSM shoots 4 videos in under 3 weeks!

It has been a crazy few weeks filming four different How2Videos which follow the first three that have already been finished. Our whole team worked together to film inside and outside in a variety of locations in Basel, Lörrach, and around the Kandern area. The most challenging part was shooting outside with various lighting situations (depending on weather) and unexpected noise problems – like construction, vehicles, or people walking by.

Stay tuned for How2Videos on the following topics: "Audio," "Lighting, Framing, and Composition," "Recording," and "Editing and Distribution."