31 July 2014

Sabrina’s Story – A God Story

GemStone Media was privileged to produce the Sabrina's amazing story in her own words. This is a dramatic testimony to God's intimate and healing love.

Sometimes we’re broken by circumstances entirely beyond our control. Other times we are our own worst enemy. When we first heard Sabrina’s story, we thought it was too fantastic to believe. How could anyone survive what she experienced? When we met her and heard her tell her story, it changed us.  We think you’ll enjoy her story. You can see it here: https://vimeo.com/102134728

Jim, Walt and Ted with Sabrina actress Aljona Everwijn and cousin actress Luana Ebener

20 July 2014

GEM’s AC program 2014

The theme for this year’s Greater Europe Mission’s annual conference was “The Many Faces of Europe” as this year’s conference featured many European guest speakers. GemStone Media designed the annual conference program, emails banners and screen slides to highlight the conference theme.

GEM AC program cover

PPT cover slide 

04 July 2014