16 December 2009

TEFL Resources brochure

A brochure and bookmark highlights ministry opportunities with TEFL Resources. Learn more about TEFL Resources here. (TEFL = Teaching English as a Foreign Language)

15 December 2009

Eurasia brochure

Brochure highlighting the needs and exciting ministry opportunities with GEM in the Eurasia region (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Russia, and Ukraine). For more information, email: impacteurasia@gemission.com

02 December 2009

TREK video

This 60-second video invites people in their 20's to join TREK: seven adventure-filled weeks serving God in three different countries in Europe with Greater Europe Mission next summer (2010). Click HERE to see the video and learn more about TREK.

01 December 2009

Explore brochures

We designed four brochures for Urbana '09 for GEM's Explore internship program. The brochures highlight internship opportunities in Germany, Portugal, Czech Republic and Romania in 2010. To learn more about Explore, click HERE.