20 May 2011

Here, there, and everywhere...

April was a busy month for some of our video people. Jim and Ted spent five days in Edinburgh, Scotland, attending the Visual Story Network summit. Jim was on the planning committee for the summit, and presented "Missional Engagement – Making Story Relevant Today" with Nick Pollard of Damaris. Ted organized the sound and video at the conference, making sure all the videos played when they were supposed to, and that everything and everyone could be heard.

Immediately after that trip, Jim left for Budapest, Hungary, to shoot a GEM church planting training given by Michael Frost (from The Upstream Collective*). This footage will be uploaded and made available to churches, mission organizations, and missionaries around the world.

*The Upstream Collective is a network of missions leaders who equip and partner with churches in various ways. For more information, go here.

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