26 August 2011

Reach the World

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The details: We were asked to make a video highlighting the needs in Europe for GEM's website. The reality is that there are millions of Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, and spiritualists living all across Europe, many of whom are immigrants from unreached countries. We created this video to challenge Christians who are thinking about ministry to unreached areas, but may not have considered the enormous potential for sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ to immigrants right here in Europe.

We're excited about how God has put Reach the World together. All the hard work of planning and preparation has really paid off and we're pleased with the result. We hope that this video will be the first of many non-verbal short videos exploring topics that will challenge people where they are. Feel free to pass the Reach the World link on to people in your network who would benefit or be encouraged by it. Let's get the word out about Europe's potential!

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