23 April 2012

The Voice

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We flew to Bulgaria with no idea what was coming. What we stumbled into, was challenging, forcing us to stretch our tiny understanding...

At first glance, Hari seems unique. In simple obedience to a voice no one else can hear, he boldly shares his faith with everyone he meets. But Hari is not so different from us. He has made a choice to pursue and trust God completely. It is a choice each one of us could make. We could each be like Hari: genuine, obedient, bold and faithful.

This is your chance. The voice is speaking to you as well. You may never have a vision, but God reaches out to each of us in a way uniquely suited to who we are. What is He saying to you? What were you created for?

We have no clear distribution plan or strategy for this story, but we believe that God does. Watch the video, share it with your friends on facebook, or tweet about it. Feel free to download it and show it to groups you are a part of, or use it to start discussions.

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