17 October 2013

Connect 2012

Jim and Sara Meyer represented GemStone at the Connect 2012 media conference, in Madrid, Spain in April of 2012.  Sara shares: "It was a really encouraging, great networking time for us. We enjoyed spending time with the conference hosts, Jerry & Gwen Gibson and the conference speaker Phil Cooke and his wife Kathleen.  Attendees were pastors, ministry leaders and media professionals from a dozen or so different countries.

We led a workshop on The Power of Storytelling, which was attended by people from Croatia, Romania, France, Spain, Burkina Faso, Belgium and the U.S.  People from many of these countries are wanting to translate and use the videos we produce in their ministry contexts – in the French-speaking world, Norway, Spain – including the head of a Spanish TV station geared to young people."

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